Monu Skincare

Monu Aromatic Facial treatment provides mask therapy and an exfoliation which are combined to promote skin radiance.  A soothing massage to the face, neck and shoulders will leave you feeling calmed and relaxed.

This treatments incorporates the application of a warm compress to the face, soaked with an essential oil chosen to suit your skin concerns.

This soothing and beneficial treatment is suitable for all skin types.  A Facial that protects against life's daily stresses, and full of ingredients that will help smooth, repair and aid absorption which will leave a protected film over your skin.

Aromatic  Facial

Express Facial



Susan Molyneux Facial with Microdermabrasion

A perfect facial if you like the best of both worlds.  Receive the deep exfoliation of the Microdermabrasion and then enjoy a soothing face, neck and shoulder massage, mask therapy, warm compress to the face, soaked with an essential oil chosen to suit your skin needs and finishing with a moisturiser application.

Facial plus Microdermabrasion


Dermaco Prescriptive Facial

This revolutionary treatment will help you target blocked, congested pores, pigmentation, fine lines, deep winkles, sagging skin, dark circles and helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production giving the skin a lift whilst targeting and problematic areas.

Each treatment will start with Thermotherapy, allowing the pores to open for deeper product penetration followed by diamond tip Microdermabrasion used to exfoliate the skin to improve healthier tissue. Bio lift is then added to tighten, tone and firm facial contours. LED Light Therapy is applied targeting different skin concerns, followed by Ultrasound waves stimulating skin tissue, then finishing with Cryotherapy closing the pores to seal in the products and moisturise. 

This 6 in 1 electrical facial leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated, soft, fresh, and clean whilst looking noticeably lifted, smooth and more healthy. 

1 hour treatment



The top layers of the epidermis are mechanically exfoliated causing an increase of growth of new skin cells.  The benefits of this includes improvement of skin tone and colour, increased elasticity, reduction of enlarged pores, removal of surface lines and wrinkles and reduction of pigmentation and scars.

1 Hour Treatment   

30 min treatment



Biolift/ Non-Surgical Facelifts

Micro-current was developed over twenty years ago to strengthen facial muscles in stroke victims and those suffering with Bells Palsy.  Since then it has been adapted and developed by the beauty industry to offer a course of treatments to firm, tone and lift facial muscles with the same results as a surgical facelift.

1 hour treatment

30 min treatment



LED Light Therapy

Light Therapy is a brand new treatment in the beauty industry, it has been researched by NASA and skincare companies working on the theory that our skins light receptors react differently according to various coloured lights.  This technology is incredibly advanced and achieves results that cannot be beaten.

Red - increases collagen and elastin production.


Blue - creates an anti-inflammatory / anti-bacterial effect for treating acne.


Green - has a soothing effect on irritation and reduces redness.


Yellow - encourages lymphatic drainage and assist in detoxifying the skin

30 Min Treatment